Pottery classes at Art studio Lihtaryk

Pottery is something you should at least try once.Our art studio invites adults and children to our pottery classes. You will get an unforgettable impression from the process of realizing your own ideas.
Pottery is an ancient and one of the most rewarding crafts.
After only an hour and a half of what feels like relaxing play, a work of art appears before you.
We provide a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for our visitors to learn the fundamentals of pottery. 
We will tell you about some aspects of working with clay and its historical and modern uses. Then you will learn how to create different kinds of clay toys by your hands and basic vessels and forms on a pottery wheel.
Any forms and things you choose to create in our Art Studio, your end result is something you have made with your own two hands and with some help of our caring master.
Contact us:
+38 067 501 49 93 or +38 095 661 33 81 (Svitlana)

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